Food For Thought, 5.3.19

Each week we try to share articles and videos to help encourage you and challenge you to grow in your walk with Christ!

Five Ways to Protect Your Kids From Sexual Abuse 

“it is always the right time to be educating children on concrete, age-appropriate safety skills.”

Theology for the Teen Years 

“God is at work among my generation. And the harvest is plentiful. So, pastors, keep laboring. Parents, keep laboring. Youth workers, keep laboring. Don’t give up on us. Because Generation Z needs all the laborers we can get.”

Why Moms, Dads, and Bosses Need Kid-Focused Careers

“I find it encouraging that more people—even those with the highest levels of education and best career prospects—are choosing to make sacrifices in their careers to be with their kids.”

When Should A Child Be Baptized 

Helpful thoughts about an important (and potentially complex) question!