Food for Thought, 6.13.17

Great articles to check out from around the web this week!

Leading Kids Beyond ‘Praying the Prayer’: “As you speak with your child about Jesus, God’s Word, and their relationship with God, there are several biblical values that should frame your approach to this ongoing conversation.”

Expect More from Young Men: “Let’s adjust our vision first, and then train our young men to realize their purpose and potential. Let’s help them see the good in God’s design for work — how work contributes to the world and makes us more like Jesus. Let’s inspire them to dream bigger dreams than conquering the next level on the screen. Most of all, let’s show them that happiness is not found in entertainment, food, or freedom, but in the God who has drawn near to us in Christ.”

Life lessons around the dinner table: Guarding family time: “Apart from my local church, the dinner table was the most effective school I ever attended.”