Food for Thought, 6.27.17

Your Tuesday afternoon reading material from around the web!

Social Media Isn’t Your Teens’ Biggest Problem: “Yes, we must pay attention to social media. Yes, it’s wise to limit and monitor phone use. But doing so won’t fix our teens’ hearts. The only solution to a heart bent toward sin is repentance and trust in the gospel. In a selfie world, let’s help our teens understand their true identity is found only in Jesus.”

“What do you do?” The greater purpose of our work: “Pragmatism can’t be the only measurement of worth and value that we use.”

Supreme Court backs church in an important religious liberty case: ““This case will have profound implications for years to come,” says ERLC President Russell Moore. “The Court got this one right, and so we should be thankful to God for that.”

‘But This I Call to Mind’: Reflections on the Philando Castile Verdict: “Justice seemingly delayed and denied in the court of earth is never delayed or denied in the court of heaven. May God grant us grace as the church travel the road of lament: sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.”

When Parents Must Contradict Culture: A video where panel members answer: “What cultural message have you, as a parent, worked hardest to contradict?”