Food for Thought, 6.6.17

Some great articles for your week! One from our very own Dr. Matt Harmon!

What If Unbelievers Aren’t Miserable?: “But what if the gospel isn’t to make happy people happier? Or even to make miserable people moderately happy? What if the gospel isn’t merely a means to meet our unmet needs? What if the good news of the gospel is so much more? What if it’s about being transferred from a kingdom of darkness into a kingdom of light? What if it isn’t about smiles and frowns but instead about life and death? Then I’ve got a gospel to share regardless of your emotional state.”

The Danger of Small Group Systems: “Jesus isn’t looking for the “Community Group” slot in your weekly schedule. He’s calling for much more. He’s calling for lives of fellowship, community, encouraging one another, and so on. Resurrected lives are more than time slots. The gospel empowers us for this end. Let’s chase it.”

Four Questions You Should Ask When Reading the Bible: An article by our very own Dr. Matt Harmon in anticipation of his forthcoming book