Food for Thought, 7.5.17

Great articles this week from around the web….including one from Chris & Evie in the Pei Tribe!

Panic attacks and what I’m learning along the way: “God’s timing is perfect, and he has used panic attacks as cords-of-kindness, to draw me to him and make me love him as I never could have imagined.”

Don’t Just Tweet Your Proverbs: “Good counsel here, as we make our way through the proverbs of Solomon this summer.”

To date we have graduated three classes here in Pei Village: A good reminder for us to be praying for the Pei tribe, where Chris and Evie Jones are laying the groundwork for sharing the gospel!

Spurgeon’s Secret for Raising Godly Children: “O that the line may continue for years to come, till as long as generations are born there shall be one of our kith and kin to carry the standard and sound the trumpet and fight for the Lord of Israel.”