Food For Thought, 8.16.19

Each week we try to share articles and videos to help encourage you and challenge you to grow in your walk with Christ!

Three Cautions and Encouragements For Dads

“No child wants a drill-sergeant for a dad, and when we are always on their case, we embitter and exasperate them.”


On Caution and Keeping: Friend’s Reflect on Joshua Harris’s Deconversion

“While we grieve Josh’s decision (and have told him as much), we are not without hope (and we’ve told him that as well). We will continue to call on the God of sovereign mercy, the God Josh once extolled and the God who still sits on the throne.”


3 Reasons Drifting From the Faith Starts With Drifting From the Church

“We must not abandon the church if we want to persevere in the faith.”


When You Pray With Your Children, You Are Teaching Your Children to Pray

“… now I know this is not a time to fulfill a duty or cross something off my list. When I pray with my children, I am teaching my children to pray.”