Listed below are the deacons of the church, the men who volunteer to serve in various capacities to care for the body.


Josh began serving as a deacon at CCC in October of 2021. He aids the elders and serves the congregation primarily in the domain of international missions.

Kyle Alcorn

Kyle, our newest deacon, serves CCC in the area of facilities. He and his wife Aubrey have a daughter, Adelaide. Kyle works for Zimmer Biomet and enjoys sports, mountain biking, and being outdoors.

Ryan Johnson

Dr. Ryan Johnson uses his math skills to serve with our finance team. He and his wife Heidi have two kids, Gideon and Eliza.

Dan Nelson

Dan has served as a deacon multiple times throughout the last several years. He primarily serves CCC through the benevolence team. He is married to Geraldine.

Dan Manduka

Dan serves on our finance/counseling team at CCC. He and his wife Jessica have a son, Flynn.

Steve Potter

Steve is the purchasing manager for Wolseley Industrial Group. He serves at CCC on our facilities team. He and his wife Susan have three kids, Andrew, Jonah, and Riley, and enjoy family outdoor activities, especially cycling, camping, and running.

Adam Turner

Adam is a lawyer in our community. He serves CCC through his administrative gifts. He is married to Jessica, and they have two daughters, Audrey & Sadie.