In the summer of 1977, a handful of people gathered in a home on Chestnut Avenue in Winona Lake, Ind., seeking the Lord’s direction and strength in starting a new church. This group, rooted in the teachings of The Reformation, was committed to a high view of God and His Word not only in official doctrinal statements, but in their daily lives. This small group of believers became the “seed” of Christ’s Covenant Church.

From the earliest days, the Lord poured out His grace on this young church. The church began to grow deeper in grace and larger in size. As the church grew, it moved from one meeting place to another: from a home, to a school cafeteria, to a storefront, to its own facilities, to Lakeland Christian Academy, and then in 2005, to our current facilities on Pierceton Road, only a mile or so from our birthplace.

As we look to the future, we sense the Holy Spirit’s gracious direction in uniting us and moving us to pursue the goal of glorifying God by growing together in Christ as a caring community of disciple makers. We want to be a church that gladly spreads the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community, in our nation, and around the world.