Authentic change occurs when we commit ourselves to the application of sound teaching. This is where Life Education comes in. At Christ’s Covenant Church, we are committed to serving our people by offering Sunday morning classes that connect the truths of the Gospel to everyday life. After all, changing lives is what the Gospel is all about. Here is a list of classes currently offered on Sundays at 9:00 a.m.:

Fall Classes (starting September 8)

Asking the Right Questions
Dr. Matt Harmon | Room 112
We know that regular Bible reading is a crucial part of the Christian life. But if we’re honest, we often struggle with it for various reasons. There has to be a simple and practical way to understand and apply the Bible that anyone can use. In this class, we’ll learn to ask the right questions that will enable us to experience Christ through Scripture and grow in our love for him, for others, and for the world.

First Steps (meets September 22 – October 6)
Pastor Marc Goodwin & Pastor Rod Valentine | Room 114
If you are new to Christ’s Covenant Church, if you want to know more about the vision and structure of our church, or if you desire to become a committed member of our local body of believers, then we would like to invite you to attend our First Steps Class. The purpose of the class is to introduce people to our church’s vision and core values. Participants will learn steps they can take to be more actively involved at CCC, such as being baptized, pursuing church membership, joining a Life Group, and serving in various ministries.

College Class
Jake Osborn & team | Room 114
College Students: welcome to adulting! Few people are ready for a wave of new responsibilities that hit them as they fly the nest; and that can often be really confusing. One way college students experience independence most radically is in church. What does it mean to be a healthy, adult church member? What does that look like at CCC? Join us for this three week Life Ed class where we hope to provide some guidance to these questions.

Hold the Ropes
Pastor Tom Wallin & team | Room 116
This class is designed to help people become more informed and equipped in joining in the glorious endeavor of taking the gospel to the nations. During these three months, the class will learn about: a biblical understanding of God’s character and His desire to communicate it clearly, differences in cultures/personalities, and how to understand them, and how to acquire another language and culture in order to become a clear communicator.

The Fellowship
Andy Bass | Room 118
This class is focused on living out our faith together. Based on Acts 2:42, we will spend time each week building relationships, studying God’s Word and praying together, all in an open discussion atmosphere. This quarter, we will continue studying through John Piper’s book What Jesus Demands From the World.

At His Feet
Jan Valentine | Room 128
We invite women of all ages to join us as we “sit at the feet of Jesus” in an hour of prayer.  This time is structured around Scriptures/applications taken from our previous weeks sermon in order to guide us in effective prayer.

Pastor Larry McCall