Our mission as a church is to “reach the nations and the generations with the gospel of Christ.” But when it comes to reaching the nations, how are we to do that?

There are many philosophies about how to take the gospel to the nations. Even as a local church ourselves, we have had varying approaches over the years! But as we look toward the future, we have consciously chosen to focus on a strategy to reach the nations by:

  • taking the gospel to unreached people groups, and
  • establishing a local church among them

To learn more about our missions philosophy and strategy, we’d encourage you to check out the following video.

The event in the video above was called “Missions Matters.” It was designed to share why and how CCC does missions–focusing on planting churches among those who have never heard the gospel, in a way that is clear, true and faithful to the biblical narrative.
Watching the video, you’ll hear an introduction to the biblical mandate Jesus gave to His followers. Then you’ll hear about you could personally be involved in CCC’s missional endeavors–whether that means being a better sender and supporter, or potentially becoming one who is sent to the field.

In the video, you’ll hear from two sets of missionaries from our church family who are in different stages of church planting efforts. They share about their journeys in discovering missions, receiving training, and clarifying the aims of their work.