Chris Berger

Mission Location: Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
Sending Agency: To Every Tribe Ministries (TET)

Our Missionary: 
In the early 2000’s God used a visiting speaker at a mission conference, David Sitton of To Every Tribe Ministries (TETM), to encourage Chris Berger’s heart toward making His name famous among all nations and peoples. CCC, Chris’ home congregation, sent him to the Center for Pioneer Church Planting (through TETM) in 2006 and then onto the mission field, where he spent two years in the fishing village of Media Luna, a year in the city of Guadalajara for continued Spanish language study, and several years in the villages of Oaxaca. Currently Chris lives in the town of Juxtlahuaca, where he’s helping with the TETM mission base being developed there.

His Mission: 
The Oaxaca team is working to establish a base out of the village of Juxtlahuaca, a strategic location between the two Mexican states of Chiapas and Guerrero. Numerous cases of persecution have been officially documented in these areas, making them difficult places for the Gospel to penetrate. Specifically, Chris is using his education in agricultural science to help educate locals, serving them tangibly with life skills that will help them sustain themselves. This will also serve as an entry point for gospel proclamation.

How to be Involved
PRAY: Pray for Chris to find a like-minded wife to share in the ministry. Pray also wisdom and favor as he works to build relationships and teach in the village for the advancement of the gospel among the people there.
ENCOURAGE: Chris’ birthday>> March 1