Chris & Evie Jones

Mission Location: Pei, Papua New Guinea
Mission Agency: New Tribes Mission
Family on the Field: Jensen

Our Missionaries: Christopher and Evelyn Jones’ paths converged in Jackson Michigan, at the New Tribes Bible Institute. There they were challenged extensively to read, know, and understand God through His Word. Chris and Evie just finished training with New Tribes Mission in 2010, where they learned how to live in a tribal group, how to learn an unwritten, undocumented language, and how to understand a tribal culture through observation. The couple headed to Papua New Guinea in the summer of 2011 and began extensive language and cultural training on the missionary base in Wewak.

Their Mission: Chris and Evie & their team moved into the Pei tribe in 2013 and passed their final language acquisition test in Pefiyahe, the undocumented tribal language of the people there, in 2015. They’ve been working hard to teach literacy and begin translating scripture into the Pei language, Pefiyahe, in hopes of seeing the Gospel take root. Papua New Guinea is home to 830 distinct languages (some with multiple dialects as well), more than 600 of which are without any translation of the Word of God.

How to Be Involved
PRAY: Praise God for Chris and Evie’s amazing language acquisition skills with Pefiyahe, the language of the Pei tribe. Pray that the Lord would show them favor in their tribal literacy program in the village and even now begin to soften the hearts of the Pei, that they might be receptive to His Word. Pray for Chris’ continued recovery from extensive surgery on his ankle, and also for the Joneses as they seek to parent their daughter Jensen in the tough jungle living conditions.
ENCOURAGE: Chris’ birthday>> January 12 | Evie’s birthday>> September 2 | Anniversary>> August 6
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