Jared & Megan Hood

Mission Location: Kenya
Mission Organization: AIM (Africa Inland Mission International)
Blog: jaredandmeganhood.blogspot.com
Family On the Field: Addilyn

Our Missionaries: Jared & Megan began attending CCC in 2009. Through a series of God-ordained events (discussions with past missionaries, completion of the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Class, and the studying of Scripture) they were called to the mission field. The Hoods just finished serving as part of a TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach) team in Northern Tanzania. Jared & Megan both taught in the village’s primary school and worked with a team to develop a Resource Center for the area. They headed back to Africa this summer, this time to Kenya.

The Mission: The Hoods’ long-term goal is to continue serving in the same village with a church planting team to an unreached people group. For their next term, they are serving at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya as teachers and dorm parents. They are also working to learn Swahili (the local trade language), to become better equipped for church planting, and to make contacts for a church planting team.

How to Be Involved
PRAY: Pray for the Hoods as they seek to minister to the girls in their dorm at Rift Valley, that they would communicate well and have wisdom as they disciple them. Pray also for them as they parent their daughter Addilyn and seek to raise her in the knowledge and love of Christ.
ENCOURAGE: Jared’s birthday>> November 11 | Megan’s birthday>> April 7 |  Addilyn’s birthday>> October 8
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