Jordan & Tirza Cone

Mission Location: Rain Forest International School in Yaounde, Cameroon
Mission Organization: Wycliffe Bible Translators
Family on the Field: Lina, Luca, Lovisa

Our Missionaries: Jordan and Tirza both grew up in Africa with missionary parents; Jordan in Zaire, Congo (DRC), and Cameroon and Tirza in Cameroon. They had front-row seats watching their parents translate the Scriptures into tribal languages and teach it to the people. After high school, Tirza studied nursing in her home country of Switzerland while Jordan studied education at Grace College. He managed to “import” Tirza to the U.S., marry her, and establish their family here in Winona Lake and at CCC. Three years ago they became convinced the Lord was leading them back to Africa, and they began the preparation process with CCC.

Their Mission: Jordan & Tirza have been working at Rain Forest International School in Yaounde, Cameroon. Through the Cone’s personal experience, they know that in Cameroon (and other African countries), many Bible Translators are left with this critical question: “How do I care for my children’s middle and high school education while I continue translation work in the bush?” Some are forced to leave the translation work unfinished. But Rain Forest International School (RFIS) provides an answer to that difficult question facing many missionaries. Having a regional boarding school run by teachers who can both teach and mentor their kids allows them to continue advancing the Gospel to unreached peoples of western Africa. Jordan and Tirza both attended RFIS in high school and are excited to be back to minister and disciple youth there.

How to Be Involved
PRAY: Pray for the Cones as they serve at RFIS in various capacities. Pray for opportunities to build relationships with students & faculty and to share the truth of Jesus with many. Pray for the family’s health and safety in Cameroon.
ENCOURAGE: Jordan’s birthday>> July 20 | Tirza’s birthday>> July 12 | Anniversary>> July 15
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