As we look ahead, we want you to know how we are thinking and planning for our “re-entry” into the physical church building on Sunday mornings. These plans are based on what we know currently, and are likely to run for a few months (i.e. the end of the calendar year). But as circumstances or requirements change, we may adjust aspects of our plans accordingly.


We’d originally planned to begin meeting indoors on October 4, but have decided to bump that back for a few reasons:

  • Things have been going well outdoors. Meeting outside allows us to meet at one time as an entire congregation (rather than having multiple services). That is always our preference, so this will allow that for a few more weeks.
  • This will allow us to discern attendance patterns. The start of the school year has brought many new visitors, which is great! These extra weeks will allow us to see if two services will be sufficient, or if we may need to consider having a third once we move inside.


As of now, we are planning to have two identical worship services each Sunday morning in the Auditorium. They will begin at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. respectively, with a window of time between them to allow for clearing and cleaning of the building.


We will plan to offer classes for those up through kindergarten (to approximate how we have “typically” operated as a church family). During each worship service, we are planning to provide the following:

  • Infants through two-year olds | nurseries/classes for the entirety of the worship service
  • Three-year olds through kindergarten | classes they can be dismissed to during the second half of the worship service

Parents will be asked to do a simple pre-registration for their children each week, to help mitigate crowding at the check-in area. We also will plan to provide activity bags, coloring pages, and note pages for children who will remain in the worship service.


In order to honor those in authority over us, and to try to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we are planning to operate under the following guidelines as of now:

  • Social Distancing: We have removed rows from the auditorium and would ask that congregants leave a few seats between themselves and those of other households during worship.
  • Masks: Masks will be required for those who are eight years old and up. We will be regularly re-visiting and re-evaluating this in light of state mandates, local circumstances, etc.
  • Self-Screening: Anyone who is sick, has recently been sick, or who has recently been exposed to someone known to have COVID-19 should stay home on a given Sunday.


We plan to continue to livestream during the season ahead. Our 9:00 a.m. service will be livestreamed each Sunday morning. Though we would love for everyone to join us in person, for those unable to do so, they can participate via livestream by going to