Reflecting the Son in This Dark World

These are tumultuous times we’re living in, aren’t they? Our nation is so divided. Who do we listen to? Who do we believe? Who do we follow? In this sermon on Titus 3:1-2, Pastor Larry seeks to remind us of our calling, “Reflecting the Son in This Dark World.”

Waypost 2: Instruct

In this second sermon from our “Wayposts” series, Pastor Marc shares about the responsibility we have with toddlers and pre-schoolers to teach them their need of the gospel. Preaching from Proverbs 3:1-12, he shares about the importance of the Law, the primacy of the heart, and the practicalities of discipline in the life of young […]

Waypost 1: Incubate

In this sermon from Psalm 91:1-6, Pastor Marc kicks off our “Wayposts” series, which aims to help us think biblically about how to disciple the next generation from infancy to adulthood. This first sermon helps us think through our ministry to infants, recognizing the opportunity that we have to teach them the safety of the […]

Believing the Promise of the Second Advent

We enjoy “Advent,” looking forward to celebrating the first coming of our Savior, Jesus the Messiah. Did you know the Bible also tells us that Jesus is coming back – a “Second Advent”? At Jesus’ Second Coming, he will be revealed not only as Savior but also as the Judge of all people from all […]

Treasure Them Up

In this sermon from Luke 2:1-20, Pastor Marc shares the birth narrative of Jesus–focusing particularly on his mother Mary, and how she sought to “treasure up” the things she was experiencing, as fuel for future faith. He shares about how we should follow in her footsteps, both remembering and recounting the works of God that […]

In Remembrance of His Mercy

In this sermon, Pastor Marc recounts Mary’s visit to Elizabeth and her prayer, known historically as the Magnificat. Focusing particularly on her closing words, we see that we can trust God’s promises not because we remember them, but because He does.


In this sermon, Pastor Marc kicks off our Advent series called “Hindsight.” Preaching from Psalm 77, he shares from the experience of Asaph, explaining that “when the present brings confusion, and the future raises concern, the past provides clarity.”

The Time of the End

Pastor Marc preaches the final installment in our Daniel series, walking us through the book’s conclusion. The angelic visitor tells Daniel about what to expect at the time of the end: the rise of the Antichrist, the resurrection of the dead, and the resolve of the faithful. And then he leaves Daniel with a reassurance […]

The Book of Truth

In this sermon, Pastor Marc unpacks Daniel 11, where an angel tells Daniel (with incredible accuracy) what is going to take place in the centuries to follow. The angel’s message speaks to us in our ignorance, our fear, and our weakness as God’s people.