The King Is Coming

In this first sermon of the Advent season, our Student Ministries Director, Jake Osborn, preached on Isaiah 61:1-4 which show us how Jesus came to give us the good news and set us free from our sin and we should wait expectantly for him to return and restore us.

Total Devotion

Listen to this sermon preached by Pastor Larry McCall in which we hear how and why we are meant to live lives of total devotion to God and why we’re to call the next generation to do the same.

Therefore And That

In this sermon, Pastor Marc preaches on Deuteronomy 4:1-43 where we learn that God doesn’t simply tell His children, “because I said so,” but He graciously gives us an abundance of good reasons to obey Him.

The Righteous Flourish

On this special Sunday honoring Larry and Gladine McCall for 40 years of ministry here at Christ’s Covenant Church, Pastor Ken Mellinger preached on Psalm 92:12-15 as a means of celebrating the McCall’s faithfulness, pointing us to God’s faithfulness, and encouraging us all to be “planted” in the church so that we might continue to […]


In this sermon, Pastor Marc preaches on the rest of chapter two of Deuteronomy and all of chapter three where we learn that God is kind to give us proofs along with His promises.