Building Up: Now and Then

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul talked about spiritual gifts in terms of “now” and “then.” He mentioned how certain gifts were operating “now”–in his own day and time. But then He anticipated a time that would come later (aka “then”), when certain spiritual gifts (namely prophecy, tongues, and knowledge) would pass away. An important question […]

Exploring the Gift of Prophecy: October 2019

  Exploring the Gift of Prophecy – October 2019 The audio from the fourth “Exploring the Gift of Prophecy” meeting, held at CCC in October 2019. This time was led by Pastor Marc and included questions from participants. The recording came from a hand held recorder on the podium, so we apologize for clanks at […]

Building Up: The Body

As we study through 1 Corinthians, we often see that Paul is not only giving instruction on how to use spiritual gifts but on the importance of unity as well. We are to be so unified that we function as one body! That can seem like a lofty goal when we see how different we […]