God With Us…in Eternity

In this sermon, from Revelation 21, Student Ministries Director Jake Osborn finishes our 2019 Advent series entitled “God With Us,” by pointing to the time when Christ will return and God will dwell with His people forever on a new earth.

God With Us…in Exile

In this sermon, from Ezekiel 11:14-25, Pastor Marc continues our 2019 Advent series entitled “God With Us,” by showing how God went to dwell with His people in exile. He wanted them, and wants us, to appreciate His presence in exile and to anticipate His presence in eternity.

Exploring Prophecy – November 2019

  Exploring the Gift of Prophecy – November 2019 The audio from the fifth “Exploring the Gift of Prophecy” meeting, held at CCC in November 2019. This time was led by Pastor Marc and included questions from participants. The recording came from a hand held recorder on the podium, so we apologize for clanks at […]

How to Holiday

A teaching and discussion on Wednesday, November 6, 2019–on the subject of holidays and how to think of them in a unique was as a believer.