Principalities and Prayer

In this sermon, Pastor Marc unpacks Daniel 10, in which an angel visits an aging Daniel. The angel’s message helps us see that our spiritual enemies are strong, but that our prayers are effective in fighting against them.

Finding Hope in God’s Plan for the Future

Living as exiles in this hostile culture can be full of stress and uncertainty. How do we handle that? Well, even though the Christian life might be hard, it’s not complicated. Like Daniel, we find hope by 1) reading God’s Word, 2) praying to the God of the Word and 3) trusting in the plan […]

Daniel’s Second Vision

We have already observed a pattern of suffering at the hands of the rulers of this world throughout Daniel’s life, and in Daniel 8, God gives Daniel a vision of more to come. As we look toward Christ’s return, how should we view suffering and the kings of this world?

One As a Son of Man

As we turn to the more mysterious second half of the book of Daniel, Pastor Marc shares about Daniel’s vision of who’s truly in charge. We see dominion taken from terrifying kings and given to Christ. But then we also see rulers continue to harm God’s people until one day, we will share dominion with […]

Faithfulness in the Lion’s Den

In this message from Daniel 6, Pastor Larry reminds us that we live under increasing pressure in our culture to keep our religion private, never questioning the validity of anyone else’s faith. To live out our faith in Christ alone, even in a humbly courageous way, invites pressure to conform. Sometimes we live with painful […]

The Writing on the Wall

Listen as Pastor Marc preaches from Daniel 5 – a passage that details the fall of Babylon and the judgment of King Belshazzar. Through this text, we see that it’s only in the kingdom of Christ that we will find the security, pleasures, and gifts that we long for.

The Humbled King

In this sermon from Daniel 4, Pastor Marc preaches about one of the less commonly known stories from the book of Daniel — the humbling of King Nebuchadnezzar. This prideful king had started to become impressed with the God of the Israelites, but he was still impressed with himself. Listen to hear how God brought […]

Faith in the Fire

In this sermon from Daniel 3, Pastor Larry McCall shares the familiar story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace for refusing to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar’s statue. How does this story impact us today – not only to us individually, but for how we are preparing the coming generations […]

God is Greater

In this sermon from Daniel 2, Jake Osborn (Director of Student Ministries) emphasizes that God does not only want to be seen as great, but he also wants us to look at the wisdom and rulers of this world and find him greater.