When Good Intentions Go South

Acts 21:15-36 Have you ever made the hard decision to do the right thing, only to have the results “go south”? You’re faced with a decision: you could do what you would actually prefer, maybe what would be easiest for you personally. Or, you could sacrifice your personal preferences, your time, your resources (or whatever) […]

Impacting Our Culture

Acts 19:21-20:1 Throughout history, there have been all sorts of riots—times where groups of people been riled up and rallied together to show their anger or frustration (often in rather violent ways). As we keep rolling along in our journey through Acts, we read about one such riot. Although the end result was rather tame […]

The Resurrected Judge of All

Acts 17:16-34 In 1898, Swiss artist Eugene Burnand’s painted “The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Sepulchre on the Morning of the Resurrection.” Burnand painted a look on both Peter’s and John’s faces that Sunday morning that so strongly depicts the struggle to believe that the resurrection of Jesus was indeed true. But within hours […]