Proud People Are Stoppable

Acts 12:20-25 Have you ever wondered what that gruesome scene must have looked like in Acts 12? Verse 23 said this about the death of King Herod: “Immediately an angel of the Lord struck him down, because he did not give God the glory, and he was eaten by worms and breathed his last.” Eaten […]

Extraordinary Results

Acts 11:19-30 How did you become part of Christ’s kingdom? Who did God use to tell you the gospel? Do you know who told the person who told you? Some people might be able to answer that, but most probably can’t. Want to keep going? Who told the person who told the person who told […]

Peter, Pigs, & the People of God

Acts 10:1-33 For hundreds of years prior to the coming of Jesus, God’s people had been forbidden to eat meat from pigs (and from numerous other animals too). So even if they could have afforded it, there definitely wouldn’t have been any celebratory eating of Christmas ham by Mary and Joseph…or the shepherds…or anybody in […]

Jesus Breaks In

Acts 9:32-43 Is it okay for a Christian to be a pessimist, to “expect misfortune or the worst outcome in any circumstance”? (Webster’s unabridged dictionary). Where does pessimism come from, anyway? We could easily assume that a person becomes a pessimist because bad things have repeatedly happened to him or her. But there are plenty […]

Transformed In His Presence

Acts 9:1-31 As a Christian, have you ever lost hope in our faith’s ability to survive in an increasingly secular culture? Whether it’s attacks from the media regarding our convictions on marriage, public education’s indoctrination of a godless universe, or the headline news of failed church leaders (with little to no recognition of the good […]

Good, Better, Best

Acts 8:4-25 Sometimes, life is good. Things are falling into place and all seems right in our world. Then something better comes along, and we want that too! But in all of it, we can miss what is best, what is lasting, what is eternal. Join Pastor Kyle Brenneman in Acts 8:4-25 where one man […]