Building Up: Gifted!

I imagine that nearly every one of us wants to be part of a loving church that is impacting the world for God’s glory. But how does that happen? How does a church become loving and healthy and fruitful for the cause of Christ and his kingdom? Does the “success” of a local church rest […]

Exploring the Gift of Prophecy: August 2019

  Exploring the Gift of Prophecy – August 2019 The audio from the second “Exploring the Gift of Prophecy” meeting, held at CCC in August 2019. This time was led by Pastor Marc and included questions from participants. The recording came from a hand held recorder on the podium, so we apologize for clanks at […]

Youth Wielded by the Young

1 Timothy 4:12 “Kids these days!” That’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and many of us may have uttered ourselves. I think people have been saying that phrase, or some form of it, since the dawn of time. There has always been generational discord that has existed in the world, and sadly, that exists even […]

God’s Redeeming Love: Ruth As Prequel

Ruth 4:13-22 Prequels are stories whose contents precede those of a work that has been previously released and enjoyed. Think Star Wars: Episodes I-III. At their best, they shed light on famous characters and scenes by providing their backstories to audiences. As we conclude our walk through the book of Ruth, the last few verses […]