Sermons on 2 Corinthians


In this final sermon from 2 Corinthians 13:1-14, Pastor Marc shares about Paul’s closing warning, challenge, and blessing. We are called to “examine ourselves” to see if we are in the faith–to see if in fact Christ is in us.


2 Corinthians 12:1-10 is where The Apostle Paul writes about his “thorn in the flesh” that was given to him to keep him from becoming conceited. In this sermon, Pastor Marc expounds this passage and shows us that we can trust the One who brings thorns to us because He bore thorns for us.

The Value of the Gospel in Suffering

In this sermon, Jake Osborn, our Student Ministries Director, preaches on the latter half of 2 Corinthians 11 in which the Apostle Paul turns the boasting of the “super apostles” on their head and boasts in his own suffering and weaknesses. In doing so, Paul models the way we should look at suffering as it […]

Divine Exceptionalism

In this message, delivered on Independence Day, Pastor Marc preaches from Isaiah 40:9-24 about “Divine Exceptionalism.” While the claims of “American Exceptionalism” could be questioned and challenged, divine exceptionalism can not! Listen in as Pastor Marc calls us to behold our God, behold ourselves, and behold our Savior.

Bananaball Ministry

In this uniquely titled sermon, Pastor Marc shares about how Paul was about to stoop to play the “foolish” game of boasting that his rivals in Corinth were playing (11:16f). But before doing so, Paul wants to make a few things clear in a pre-game talk of sorts (11:1-15). Eloquence does not equal truthfulness. Compensation […]

Proper Authority

In Corinth, there was a lot of controversy about who possessed authority–Paul, or the teachers who were trying to discredit him. Here in chapter 10, Paul addresses that controversy, and as we read his words, Pastor Marc reminds us to respect proper authority and to exercise authority properly.

The Fruit of Generosity

In this sermon, Pastor Marc reveals what should be the fruit of our generosity as Christians. He shows us that our cheerfulness in sowing should be increased by our anticipation of what we reap, what others reap, and what God reaps from our generosity.

The Root of Generosity

Pastor Marc shares about Paul’s instructions to the church about participating in a collection of an offering for the struggling saints of Jerusalem. This passage contains some of the richest teachings on generosity in all the New Testament. He teaches the Corinthians that the fruit of their generosity should be supplied by the root of […]