Sermons on John


In this final sermon from our “Values” series, Pastor Marc preaches from John 15:4-5 about our dependence upon Christ. May our dependence upon Christ lead us to be prayerful, flexible, and thankful as a church.


In this sermon, the second in our “Values” series, Pastor Marc preaches from John 17:17 about truth and how it should mark the life of our church. Our maturity, ministry, and mission must all be grounded in the truth of Scripture.

John: How It Ends

John 21:20-25 It’s no coincidence that in both the first and the final chapters of the book of John, we see Jesus telling His disciples, “Follow me.” The entire life of a Christian, from beginning to end, is one of following our Savior. But the paths on which we are called to follow Him vary […]

John: Risen, For What?

John 20:11-18 “He is risen!” “He is risen indeed!” Those seven words will be uttered (among the English speaking world, at least!) by countless brothers and sisters in Christ this Sunday morning. You may even hear them around CCC! They’re intended to be echoes of the words of the first eye-witness of the resurrection nearly […]

John: The Slow Reveal

John 20:1-10 Most of us, when we have exciting news to share, find it hard to keep it in! We post it on social media, call our friends, send a mass text. We want others to know what we know and to share in the joy that we have found, so we have an eagerness […]

John: Crucified, Dead, & Buried

John 19:31-42 In the days of the New Testament, Jews would refer to Fridays as their “Day of Preparation.” Each week, as Friday arrived and the Sabbath (Saturday) was looming, Jews would prepare in certain ways to make sure they were ready for that weekly day of rest and worship. The Friday of Jesus’ crucifixion […]

John: It Is Finished

John 19:28-30 We recently put out an Easter Devotional Guide for families, and one of the recommended activities is for parents to take their children on a cemetery scavenger hunt. Some may find that to be a bit strange or even harmful for children, to expose them to the concept of death. But the Christian […]