Sermons on Matthew

The king is Coming

The Christmas story is not just one of “merriment” and “cheer.” In this sermon from Matthew 2:1-23, we see king (lowercase ‘k’) Herod coming to destroy Jesus and those associated with Him and how we as Christians should respond to the reality of evil & suffering still present today.


Listen to this sermon in our series entitled “values” where Pastor Marc preaches on our fourth value of “family” from Matthew 12:46-50. From this text, we see the importance and priority of being part of the spiritual family of God as believers and how that effects our life as a local church.

Waypost 6: Interdependence

In this last sermon from our Wayposts series, Jake Osborn reminds us that our most precious earthly gift is our children and that our most precious eternal gift is the gospel. God calls us not just to deliver the gospel to the next generation but to invest it for His glory and see it multiplied.

Snapshots: The Parable of the Lost Sheep

The Parable of the Lost Sheep At our church, “Lost & Found” isn’t just a place to search for misplaced items. It’s actually the name of our Wednesday evening program for children. We chose this name because of this very passage – Matthew 18:10-14. This story, best known as “The Parable of the Lost Sheep,” […]