Sermons on Psalms

A Spirit-Inspired Lullaby

Last Sunday, on Labor Day weekend, we opened the Word of God, cover to cover, and learned together about work–God’s design of it, how it’s been complicated by sin, and how God redeems it. This Sunday, as a follow-up, we are going to see what God has to say about rest. Tucked away in the […]

One Book: Psalms

Psalms: A Song for Every Circumstance What are some of your favorite worship songs, and why? What is it about them that resonates with you? And what is the value of singing them together? Many Christians look forward to singing God’s praises as a church family, while others tend to just tolerate that portion of the […]

Transcendent & Immanent

Psalm 113 Join Pastor Rod Valentine as he concludes our Christmas Advent series called The Paradoxes of Christmas. We will look at Psalm 113 together and consider the paradox that God is both transcendent (beyond our limits) and immanent (near us and possible to experience).