Sermons on Psalms

The Righteous Flourish

On this special Sunday honoring Larry and Gladine McCall for 40 years of ministry here at Christ’s Covenant Church, Pastor Ken Mellinger preached on Psalm 92:12-15 as a means of celebrating the McCall’s faithfulness, pointing us to God’s faithfulness, and encouraging us all to be “planted” in the church so that we might continue to […]


In this sermon, Pastor Marc preaches on Psalm 16 which reveals to us what joy is, where joy is found, how joy is granted, and how joy is maintained in our lives.

Waypost 1: Incubate

In this sermon from Psalm 91:1-6, Pastor Marc kicks off our “Wayposts” series, which aims to help us think biblically about how to disciple the next generation from infancy to adulthood. This first sermon helps us think through our ministry to infants, recognizing the opportunity that we have to teach them the safety of the […]


In this sermon, Pastor Marc kicks off our Advent series called “Hindsight.” Preaching from Psalm 77, he shares from the experience of Asaph, explaining that “when the present brings confusion, and the future raises concern, the past provides clarity.”