Sermons on Romans

Message to the Senders

In this sermon from Romans 10:13-15, Pastor Marc addresses two important issues — why missionaries must go, and why missionaries must be sent. This was part of a Commissioning Sunday, as we sent out a couple to go to a closed access country with the gospel.

One Book: Romans

Romans: When In Rome… Do you remember the days when people used to go to their mailboxes, anxiously awaiting the postcard from a loved one on vacation or that handwritten letter from a love interest who had moved far away? Letter writing has fallen on hard times. In our day of quick communications, it is rare for […]

Remember Whose You Are

Romans 6:1-7 Join Pastor Larry McCall in Romans 6. What hope and help we find in “Remembering Whose we are!” Sin doesn’t own us anymore. It has no claims on our life. By God’s amazing grace, we’ve been transferred to the kingdom of Christ. We belong to Him! It is God’s grace that empowers us to […]