Advent 2015

Advent: LOVE

Advent: LOVE How would you describe LOVE? It can be one of those words that we use often, but, do we really know the meaning? John 3:16 is all about love! God displayed his love for us by sending his son, Jesus, into this world. And you know what? … He did that knowing that […]

Advent: PEACE

Advent: PEACE What would you say is the biggest problem you are facing at this time in your life? A break in a relationship that really matters to you? Not getting along with a family member or friend? Turmoil in your life as you face a serious illness or financial hardship – of all times, […]

Advent: HOPE

Advent: HOPE The Christmas season is often marked by a light-hearted, holly-jolly, celebratory attitude — at least that’s how it’s portrayed in many TV shows, commercials, songs, and movies. But the truth is that lots of people find Christmas to be a stressful time, a time of sadness, even depression. As Christians, is our holiday different? Should it […]

Advent: JOY

Advent: JOY The daily routine of a young Jewish girl was about to be broken. The God of the universe was sending one of His key messengers from His throne room to pay a mind-boggling, heart-stirring visit to earth, to the back country Galilean village of Nazareth. Mary was about to become the mother to […]