Building Up

Building Up: Tongues

In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul gave very practical instructions about the spiritual gifts of prophecy and tongues–two gifts that seemed to be misunderstood and misused there in Corinth. In this second of three sermons from this chapter, Pastor Marc shares about tongues specifically–providing biblical background and explanation from this particular chapter about what this spiritual […]

Building Up: Now and Then

In 1 Corinthians 13, Paul talked about spiritual gifts in terms of “now” and “then.” He mentioned how certain gifts were operating “now”–in his own day and time. But then He anticipated a time that would come later (aka “then”), when certain spiritual gifts (namely prophecy, tongues, and knowledge) would pass away. An important question […]

Building Up: The Body

As we study through 1 Corinthians, we often see that Paul is not only giving instruction on how to use spiritual gifts but on the importance of unity as well. We are to be so unified that we function as one body! That can seem like a lofty goal when we see how different we […]

Building Up: Gifted!

I imagine that nearly every one of us wants to be part of a loving church that is impacting the world for God’s glory. But how does that happen? How does a church become loving and healthy and fruitful for the cause of Christ and his kingdom? Does the “success” of a local church rest […]