God's Redeeming Love

God’s Redeeming Love: Ruth As Prequel

Ruth 4:13-22 Prequels are stories whose contents precede those of a work that has been previously released and enjoyed. Think Star Wars: Episodes I-III. At their best, they shed light on famous characters and scenes by providing their backstories to audiences. As we conclude our walk through the book of Ruth, the last few verses […]

God’s Redeeming Love: The Reception

  Ruth 2 Typically, in our culture, the wedding comes first, and then the reception follows. In the book of Ruth, it’s just the opposite. There’s a wedding that looms toward the end of the story, but beforehand, there’s a reception. It’s not the reception of a couple to a party in their honor (this couple hasn’t even met […]

God’s Redeeming Love: The Return

  Ruth 1:1-22 Throughout history, millions of couples have fallen in love, married, and grown old together. Most of their stories (even the best of them!) have long since been forgotten by the generations that have followed. But one of those love stories has been tucked away for us in the Old Testament–the story of […]