In this final sermon from our “Values” series, Pastor Marc preaches from John 15:4-5 about our dependence upon Christ. May our dependence upon Christ lead us to be prayerful, flexible, and thankful as a church.


In this sermon, Pastor Marc preaches on Psalm 16 which reveals to us what joy is, where joy is found, how joy is granted, and how joy is maintained in our lives.


In this sermon, Pastor Marc preaches from 1 Peter 1:13-19 as we come to our 5th “value” in this sermon series: Godliness. In this text, we see that we should pursue godliness in our own lives and promote godliness in the lives of others.


Listen to this sermon in our series entitled “values” where Pastor Marc preaches on our fourth value of “family” from Matthew 12:46-50. From this text, we see the importance and priority of being part of the spiritual family of God as believers and how that effects our life as a local church.


In this sermon from 1 John 4:7-12, Pastor Marc exhorts us to “love the beloved.” As those who have been loved by God, we are called to show that love to fellow believers. Listen to hear how the life of our church should be marked by love in very practical ways.


In this sermon, the second in our “Values” series, Pastor Marc preaches from John 17:17 about truth and how it should mark the life of our church. Our maturity, ministry, and mission must all be grounded in the truth of Scripture.


In this first sermon in our series called “Values,” Pastor Marc shares about the nature of God’s grace toward us in Christ, and how that should lead us to be gracious in our life together as a church.