Sermons by Jake Osborn

The King Is Coming

In this first sermon of the Advent season, our Student Ministries Director, Jake Osborn, preached on Isaiah 61:1-4 which show us how Jesus came to give us the good news and set us free from our sin and we should wait expectantly for him to return and restore us.

The Value of the Gospel in Suffering

In this sermon, Jake Osborn, our Student Ministries Director, preaches on the latter half of 2 Corinthians 11 in which the Apostle Paul turns the boasting of the “super apostles” on their head and boasts in his own suffering and weaknesses. In doing so, Paul models the way we should look at suffering as it […]

Gospel Confrontation

In this sermon, Jake Osborn shares from 2 Corinthians 7:2-16 in which Paul concludes his defense of his apostolic authority by recounting how God has used their last confrontation, and how he had confidence this confrontation will also lead to repentance.

Waypost 6: Interdependence

In this last sermon from our Wayposts series, Jake Osborn reminds us that our most precious earthly gift is our children and that our most precious eternal gift is the gospel. God calls us not just to deliver the gospel to the next generation but to invest it for His glory and see it multiplied.

Daniel’s Second Vision

We have already observed a pattern of suffering at the hands of the rulers of this world throughout Daniel’s life, and in Daniel 8, God gives Daniel a vision of more to come. As we look toward Christ’s return, how should we view suffering and the kings of this world?

God is Greater

In this sermon from Daniel 2, Jake Osborn (Director of Student Ministries) emphasizes that God does not only want to be seen as great, but he also wants us to look at the wisdom and rulers of this world and find him greater.