Sermons by Pastor Kyle Brenneman (Page 2)

Same Old Story?

Acts 17:1-15 Have you ever thought about reading your Bible but then found yourself thinking, “Well, I’ve read most of the stuff in there. It’s the same old story.” If we’re honest, many of us would admit to feeling this way sometimes. In Acts 17, we find Paul & Silas in Thessalonica working hard to […]

Good, Better, Best

Acts 8:4-25 Sometimes, life is good. Things are falling into place and all seems right in our world. Then something better comes along, and we want that too! But in all of it, we can miss what is best, what is lasting, what is eternal. Join Pastor Kyle Brenneman in Acts 8:4-25 where one man […]

While We’re Waiting

Psalm 130 That maxim “Patience is a virtue” is better known than practiced. We don’t like to wait… for anything. From microwaves to Google, we want our food fast and our answers quick. God, though, doesn’t always work on our time table. Join Pastor Kyle Brenneman as we look at Psalm 130, which talks about […]