Sermons by Pastor Marc Goodwin

The Time of the End

Pastor Marc preaches the final installment in our Daniel series, walking us through the book’s conclusion. The angelic visitor tells Daniel about what to expect at the time of the end: the rise of the Antichrist, the resurrection of the dead, and the resolve of the faithful. And then he leaves Daniel with a reassurance […]

The Book of Truth

In this sermon, Pastor Marc unpacks Daniel 11, where an angel tells Daniel (with incredible accuracy) what is going to take place in the centuries to follow. The angel’s message speaks to us in our ignorance, our fear, and our weakness as God’s people.

Principalities and Prayer

In this sermon, Pastor Marc unpacks Daniel 10, in which an angel visits an aging Daniel. The angel’s message helps us see that our spiritual enemies are strong, but that our prayers are effective in fighting against them.

One As a Son of Man

As we turn to the more mysterious second half of the book of Daniel, Pastor Marc shares about Daniel’s vision of who’s truly in charge. We see dominion taken from terrifying kings and given to Christ. But then we also see rulers continue to harm God’s people until one day, we will share dominion with […]

The Writing on the Wall

Listen as Pastor Marc preaches from Daniel 5 – a passage that details the fall of Babylon and the judgment of King Belshazzar. Through this text, we see that it’s only in the kingdom of Christ that we will find the security, pleasures, and gifts that we long for.

The Humbled King

In this sermon from Daniel 4, Pastor Marc preaches about one of the less commonly known stories from the book of Daniel — the humbling of King Nebuchadnezzar. This prideful king had started to become impressed with the God of the Israelites, but he was still impressed with himself. Listen to hear how God brought […]

Babylonian Boot Camp

In this sermon from Daniel 1, Pastor Marc shares about King Nebuchadnezzar’s attempts at re-programming young Israelites and making them into loyal Babylonians. But behind Nebuchadnezzar, we can see our enemy’s tactics, and see how vital it is that we resist.

Back to Basics: Community

In this sermon from Proverbs 27:17, Pastor Marc shares about our need for spiritual community in the church. He reminds us of our own need of sharpening by fellow Christians and also of our fellow Christians’ need for us to sharpen them.