Sermons by Pastor Marc Goodwin (Page 14)

Impacting Our Culture

Acts 19:21-20:1 Throughout history, there have been all sorts of riots—times where groups of people been riled up and rallied together to show their anger or frustration (often in rather violent ways). As we keep rolling along in our journey through Acts, we read about one such riot. Although the end result was rather tame […]

Peter, Pigs, & the People of God

Acts 10:1-33 For hundreds of years prior to the coming of Jesus, God’s people had been forbidden to eat meat from pigs (and from numerous other animals too). So even if they could have afforded it, there definitely wouldn’t have been any celebratory eating of Christmas ham by Mary and Joseph…or the shepherds…or anybody in […]

Squashing Threats Both Foreign & Domestic

Acts 4:32-5:42 Whenever a man or woman enters the armed forces of our country, he/she must take an oath that begins like this: “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” Did you catch that last statement — “foreign and domestic”? […]

The Greater David

Psalm 110 King David was one of the greatest kings who ever ruled over God’s people (perhaps the greatest). He had no equal in his day, let alone a superior. Yet in Psalm 110, he wrote about someone he called “my Lord”—a fellow human being, a descendant of his, who would far surpass him in […]