Sermons by Pastor Nate McLaurin (Page 2)

Generous: Like Our King

Generous, Like Our King Christmas is, by far, one of the most celebrated seasons of the year! By now, many folks are scrambling to stores in search of the perfect gifts for family and friends. For the Christian, the Perfect Gift already arrived – a package from our heavenly Father wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in […]

One Book: John

John: Jesus, Savior of the World If you’ve ever read the 4 Gospels, you may have noticed how different John’s record is from the other accounts. The books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke emphasize the sequence of events and factual encounters. Though John unapologetically presents the “facts” about who Jesus is, he’s a bit more […]

Building Together: Value 7

Unified in Fellowship, Mission, & Governance The idea of unity is important. Whether we’re on a sports team, a part of the military, or a worker in a corporation, we have to be united by a common purpose and mission to accomplish the task at hand. Whether we like it or not, there are certain tasks we cannot […]

One Book: Zephaniah

Zephaniah: When God Cleans House For many of us, spring triggers a time to evaluate our stuff. We get to a point when the clutter we’ve accumulated starts to drive us crazy. Then, to our relief, the day finally comes when we take inventory, box up the junk, and send it away for good! Isn’t is such a great feeling […]