Sermons by Pastor Nate McLaurin (Page 3)

One Book: Joel

Joel: The Great & Terrible Day of the Lord In the first section of the book of Joel (1:1-2:11), the prophet describes God fighting against His people as a result of their rebellion and disobedience. In the immediate context, locusts and a great army are positioned to attack God’s people and cause great devastation. It seems […]

One Book: Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes: Life Under the Son Though it can appear to be a fairly depressing book at first glance, Ecclesiastes can actually be an encouragement to us when we read it with a right perspective. Within the pages of Ecclesiastes, we see the struggle with the gap between our faith and our feelings. By faith, we believe […]

One Book: Job

Job: The Power of Perspective Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? Most of us have encountered or know others who have encountered seasons of struggle in life that tempted us to wonder, “Where is God in all of this?” Though we may not say it outwardly, inwardly we wonder, “How can a […]

One Book: Nehemiah

Nehemiah: It’s Time to Build The Israelites have been allowed to return to Jerusalem to rebuild their city! The first step: the wall. The first 6 chapters are the most significant aspects of Nehemiah’s role in rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. But how does this story connect to the grander story of the Gospel? Join Pastor […]

Advent: LOVE

Advent: LOVE How would you describe LOVE? It can be one of those words that we use often, but, do we really know the meaning? John 3:16 is all about love! God displayed his love for us by sending his son, Jesus, into this world. And you know what? … He did that knowing that […]

One Book: 1 Kings

1 Kings: The Pitfall of Presumption David’s son Solomon took the throne of Israel after David’s death. He asked God for wisdom as he ruled the kingdom, and God granted his request. Solomon’s wisdom became known throughout the land, and people from the far corners of the world made the trip to Jerusalem to seek his advice on […]

One Book: 2 Samuel

2 Samuel: A Tale of Two Kings (Pt. 2) 2 Samuel tells the story of King David, an unlikely kingly candidate who was faithfully tending his father’s flock when Samuel came to pick a new king from among Jesse’s sons. Join Pastor Nate McLaurin in 2 Samuel as we study David’s life, look at several qualities of […]

One Book: 1 Samuel

1 Samuel: A Tale of Two Kings (Pt. 1) Israel desperately wanted a king to rule over them “like the other nations.” Even though God was their King and cared for and protected them, they wanted to live like the cultures around them. As God’s people, we can also be tempted to live like the […]