Sermons by Pastor Nate McLaurin (Page 6)

Keeping the Unity in Community

Acts 14:24-15:35 As followers of Jesus Christ, how can we know what doctrines/practices are non-negotiables for us and which ones are okay to compromise on? In Acts 15, we see the early church wrestling with this very question, as Jewish believers in Antioch begin teaching that circumcision is required for the salvation of Gentiles. In […]

God Promises. God Delivers.

Acts 13:13-52 What do we need to do to ensure that we win the spiritual “gold medal” when we stand before God? In Acts 13:13-52, Paul shares with those in the synagogue in Antioch in Pisidia that God’s promise to send a Messiah was fulfilled in Jesus. Through Him “forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to […]

Transformed In His Presence

Acts 9:1-31 As a Christian, have you ever lost hope in our faith’s ability to survive in an increasingly secular culture? Whether it’s attacks from the media regarding our convictions on marriage, public education’s indoctrination of a godless universe, or the headline news of failed church leaders (with little to no recognition of the good […]

God’s People Prepare for Mission

Acts 1:12-26 During the time between Jesus’ Ascension and the fulfillment of God’s promise to fill the disciples with the Holy Spirit, the disciples are commanded to wait in Jerusalem. As we continue our journey together through the Book of Acts, we have the privilege of getting an inside perspective on how the early followers […]

Confusion About the Kingdom

Acts 1:4-11 We can only imagine the different emotions the disciples must have felt as they watched their leader and Savior, Jesus, be lifted back up into the heavens in Acts 1. Jesus’ followers had watched with shock and horror as He was crucified several weeks before, and then — wow! He came back to […]