Sermons on Assurance

Fear Not

Play Fear Not (06-02-19) Isaiah 41:1-20 Join us as special guest Mark Prater preaches from Isaiah 41, encouraging us to “Fear Not” when we consider all the evidence for trusting God with our lives and our futures, namely His presence & His activity.

John: How It Ends

Play John59(05-12-19) John 21:20-25 It’s no coincidence that in both the first and the final chapters of the book of John, we see Jesus telling His disciples, “Follow me.” The entire life of a Christian, from beginning to end, is one of following our Savior. But the paths on which we are called to follow […]

John: Reason to Believe

Play John57(04-28-19) John 20:19-30 How do we know that Jesus really did rise from the dead – I mean in a real physical body? And, even if he did, what difference does it make? Wouldn’t Christianity be just as valid, just as valuable, even if the resurrection of Jesus were just a “story”? Interestingly, the […]

Nehemiah: The Foundation

Nehemiah 1:1-3 This is an important time in the life of our church! It’s a time of transition, but also a time of opportunity for us to keep growing together in Christ. In the current season of our congregational life, we could think of no better book to preach through than Nehemiah. It’s a book […]

John: Coming & Going

John 7:25-36 Stephen Hawking was a famous physicist who died earlier this week – a man who some have compared to Einstein when it comes to intellect and scientific achievement. Hawking was an atheist through and through, and he had very strong beliefs about where we came from and what we are destined for. He […]