Sermons on Grace (Page 2)

One Book: Ezra

Ezra: A Fresh Start for God’s People Once Christmas is over, our minds often turn to the new year ahead and the opportunity for a fresh start. God’s people are about to be given a fresh start in the Book of Ezra. It’s the story of the first waves of returnees from the exile that God had […]

Advent: LOVE

Advent: LOVE How would you describe LOVE? It can be one of those words that we use often, but, do we really know the meaning? John 3:16 is all about love! God displayed his love for us by sending his son, Jesus, into this world. And you know what? … He did that knowing that […]

Advent: PEACE

Advent: PEACE What would you say is the biggest problem you are facing at this time in your life? A break in a relationship that really matters to you? Not getting along with a family member or friend? Turmoil in your life as you face a serious illness or financial hardship – of all times, […]

One Book: 2 Kings

2 Kings: Hope in Despair After Solomon came a line of kings who did what was evil in God’s sight. God’s people slowly drifted away from His Word and sought after other gods, idols. And as is often the case, Israel had to live with the consequences from their sinful choices. But God didn’t leave them without […]

One Book: 1 Kings

1 Kings: The Pitfall of Presumption David’s son Solomon took the throne of Israel after David’s death. He asked God for wisdom as he ruled the kingdom, and God granted his request. Solomon’s wisdom became known throughout the land, and people from the far corners of the world made the trip to Jerusalem to seek his advice on […]

One Book: 1 Samuel

1 Samuel: A Tale of Two Kings (Pt. 1) Israel desperately wanted a king to rule over them “like the other nations.” Even though God was their King and cared for and protected them, they wanted to live like the cultures around them. As God’s people, we can also be tempted to live like the […]

One Book: Ruth

Ruth: God’s Surprising Grace Almost everyone loves a good story, especially stories that have happy endings after the characters face great difficulties. A really good story will stand the test of time, still captivating the minds and hearts of minds of generation after generation as the story is read and re-read, told and retold. How […]

Sola Gratia

Sola Gratia Christ’s Covenant Church stands on the great teachings of the Protestant Reformation, which centered on five truths about salvation. Join Pastor Larry as he looks at the second vital sola statement: Sola Gratia (Grace Alone). Salvation is totally undeserved; we cannot earn it through any action of our own. Salvation is given to […]