Sermons on Missions (Page 8)

The Power of the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-41 What happened to this man? Just seven weeks earlier Peter denied even knowing Jesus when confronted by a servant girl. Now we see him standing in front of thousands of people, many of them potentially hostile, boldly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and calling on people to repent and be baptized. What’s […]

God’s People Prepare for Mission

Acts 1:12-26 During the time between Jesus’ Ascension and the fulfillment of God’s promise to fill the disciples with the Holy Spirit, the disciples are commanded to wait in Jerusalem. As we continue our journey together through the Book of Acts, we have the privilege of getting an inside perspective on how the early followers […]

Confusion About the Kingdom

Acts 1:4-11 We can only imagine the different emotions the disciples must have felt as they watched their leader and Savior, Jesus, be lifted back up into the heavens in Acts 1. Jesus’ followers had watched with shock and horror as He was crucified several weeks before, and then — wow! He came back to […]

Beginning the Journey

Acts 1:1-3 We read so much in the book of Acts about the Holy Spirit giving power to the church as they carried out the mission that their Leader, Jesus Christ had given them. Amazingly, this little band of Christ-followers, with so few observable resources, were able to take the gospel across the Roman Empire […]