Sermons on Sin (Page 2)

One Book: Leviticus

Leviticus: Approaching God on His Terms Countless well-intentioned plans to read through the Bible have been dashed upon the rocks of Leviticus. Many epic stories in Genesis & Exodus — creation, the fall, the flood, the exodus — give way to chapter upon chapter of legal code, God’s laws for the people of Israel and […]

Dear Church, Watch Out!

Revelation 2:12-17 The Puritan writer Thomas Brooks once wisely observed, “Where one thousand are destroyed by the world’s frowns, ten thousand are destroyed by the world’s smiles.” Pastor Larry McCall continues our summer series on Jesus’ 7 Letters in Revelation by looking at His words to the church in Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-17). They had stood strong in the […]

Remember Whose You Are

Romans 6:1-7 Join Pastor Larry McCall in Romans 6. What hope and help we find in “Remembering Whose we are!” Sin doesn’t own us anymore. It has no claims on our life. By God’s amazing grace, we’ve been transferred to the kingdom of Christ. We belong to Him! It is God’s grace that empowers us to […]