Remember Whose You Are

Romans 6:1-7

Join Pastor Larry McCall in Romans 6. What hope and help we find in “Remembering Whose we are!” Sin doesn’t own us anymore. It has no claims on our life. By God’s amazing grace, we’ve been transferred to the kingdom of Christ. We belong to Him!

It is God’s grace that empowers us to say “No!” to our old temptations when they came back at us, trying to pull us back with their lies of “You still belong to me!” No we don’t!!! We belong to Christ. Sin is no longer our slave master.

Application Questions
A key issue in this passage is responding to people who think that living by grace is dangerous, making it easy for people to give in to sin knowing God will forgive. Often, people who feel this way rely on rules to keep themselves (and others) in check.

1. We all know that we shouldn’t sin, but we sometimes do. What makes obeying God so hard, some times?

2. What are the shortcomings of trying to be holy by rules alone? (note: the tendency can be to get so discouraged when we fail to keep the rules or proud when we do!)

3. How does remembering that we “died to sin” help us in our fight against temptation and sin?

4. How does remembering that we belong to the Christ and not to the realm of sin (Remember Whose you are!) help us live daily life?

5. How can we help one another “remember Whose we are” in our battle against temptation and sin?