Building Together: Value 3

Reformed Theology

Lots of things have changed since a handful of people met at a home on Chestnut Avenue in Winona Lake 39 years ago this month to start a new church in our community. That was our church – Christ’s Covenant. But, you know one thing that never has changed over the last 39 years? Our commitment to Reformed Theology. That doctrinal commitment was important to CCC in 1977, and it’s still a primary value of our church in 2016.

So what is at the heart of Reformed Theology? It’s our view of God. Actually, it’s God’s view of God! We are not left to “imagine” God to be a certain way. He has gone to the effort to reveal core truths about Himself in His Word. One of those core truths that God wants us to know about Him is His freedom to choose – His sovereignty. 

This week, Pastor Larry will lead us through a biblical examination of the Doctrine of Reformed Theology as part of our Building Together series. That’s the third of seven values we hold to at CCC and we share with Sovereign Grace Churches.