Our Confidence As a Church

Matthew 16

Our church has the opportunity to move forward into “new territory.” After having the same governing documents (our “polity”) for the last 32 years, the elders are proposing a new document that they believe will better serve our church moving forward. Our commitment to Christ and the Word of God remain unchanged, but we are proposing changes in how we get things done.

Sometimes if feels safer to stay with whatever feels familiar. But, in doing that, we can miss out on new opportunities of serving Christ and His mission. So, where can we find the confidence to venture into new territory as a church?

Our confidence is found in the only One who never changes. Our confidence is found in keeping our eyes on the Head of our church, Christ Jesus.

Join Pastor Larry McCall as he preaches the last sermon in our series “The Church: Our Home Away from Home,” leading us through Matthew 16:13-18. In this passage we will hear Jesus making two promises that give us confidence in moving forward: 1) a promise regarding the church’s progress and 2) a promise regarding the church’s protection.