Easter Sunday: The Dawn of a New Day

The Dawn of a New Day

Do you recall how the Bible begins? “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth…”

In the Book of Genesis, a book about “beginnings,” God tells the story of His creative handiwork spread over a period of six days. Each day, He executes just as He intends and is very pleased. Then, the Scriptures tell us that on the seventh day of the week, the Sabbath, He rested from His work.

Interestingly, Jesus, the Son of God, also entered into history with work to do! At Christmas, we celebrate His entrance into our world, but rarely (at Christmas) do we consider the work He came to do, namely, to rescue the world. No small task, right?!

On Good Friday, Jesus completed His contribution to God’s rescue project. So, on the following Saturday (the Sabbath!), He rested from His work. Alone and silent, His body laid in a grave. It was finished!

Until the next morning…

On Easter Sunday, we gather to celebrate what happened the following day. The first day of a new week. The first day of a new creation! A day when God would raise Jesus from the tomb and inaugurate a new beginning with a new hope for the future of the world! On Easter Sunday, we celebrate how the dawn of that new day changes everything!

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate our Risen Lord as we observe the story from Matthew 28 together. May your hearts be warmed and fresh affections stirred for Jesus as we observe all that God did long ago at the dawning of this new day of creation!