Made In the Image of God

Genesis 1

As we think about the changing of the calendar to 2015 and the passing of another year, we have the opportunity to pause and ask big questions about life. It’s not just philosophers who ask questions like “Who am I?” and “Why do I exist?” and  “Does my life have any lasting meaning?” No doubt most people ask those questions at some point.

So, where can we find answers to those crucial questions? Many people look for those answers by looking within. “How do I see myself?” “In light of how others treat me, how do I feel about myself?” But looking within for the answer to life’s big questions can lead to disastrous destinations. Though some people end up at the destination of pride, many end up in disappointment, disillusionment, and even despair.

But, what does GOD say in answering these big questions? Who does GOD say we are? Listening to what God says in His Word brings not only direction, but hope.

At CCC, we’re launching a short sermon series called In His Image. Join Pastor Larry McCall in Genesis 1 for the first sermon in the series and pray with us for the Spirit to impact our lives in significant ways as we study God’s Word together this month.