Jonah: Our Relentless God

Jonah 1:7-17

“Relentless.” Does that seem like a good word to describe God? “Relentless” means “persistent, not giving up.” In the late 1800’s, Francis Thompson wrote one of the better-known poems in the English language, “The Hound of Heaven.” In that poem he describes trying to run away from God, only to find that, like a hound chasing its prey, God never gave up His pursuit of him, the foolish, wayward sinner. Yet, the “Hound of Heaven” was not chasing the sinner to destroy him, but to redeem him in his gracious love. That was Jonah’s experience, too. Is it yours? We try to run away from God, the “Hound of Heaven,” only to experience His relentless pursuit of His glory and our eternal good. And, in the end, when He captures us by His sovereign grace, aren’t we eternally grateful? Join us this Sunday as we see “The Relentless God” portrayed in Jonah 1:7-17.