One Book: 1 Kings

1 Kings: The Pitfall of Presumption

David’s son Solomon took the throne of Israel after David’s death. He asked God for wisdom as he ruled the kingdom, and God granted his request. Solomon’s wisdom became known throughout the land, and people from the far corners of the world made the trip to Jerusalem to seek his advice on different matters. As a result, Solomon gathered much wealth and many foreign wives. And his heart was turned from God.

Solomon became all too familiar with God’s blessing in his life. He lost his sense of wonder at God’s provision, His grace. He allowed the gifts to replace the Giver in his heart, breeding discontentment and yielding a lack of commitment to the ways of the Lord. As Pastor Nate McLaurin leads us through 1 Kings, we’ll see three dangers that can lead to the pitfall of presumption, and we’ll see how Jesus is a greater king than Solomon in every way.