One Book: Amos

Amos: Lifestyles of the Rich, and Amos

The people of Amos’s day lived lives of luxury and comfort. The wealthy would often live with very little regard for the poor among them, ignoring their plight. Or even worse, some would actively take advantage of them. All the while, they maintained a shell of a religion and paid lip service to their God. But their lifestyles showed what they truly were “about.”

Amos did not mince words, and on behalf of God, came right at His people to confront their sinful ways of living. While we could look at his message, and think “how tragic” or “how awful” those people must have been, we should look in the mirror first and see what God may have to say to us. We should own our sinful tendencies and remember anew how amazing it is that Christ came to rescue us. Join Pastor Marc Goodwin as he challenges us from the book of Amos to look at the “affluenza” in our own hearts.