One Book: Micah

Micah: Hope for a Nation in Trouble

It was the late James Montgomery Boice who said that we can see so many reminders of ourselves and our own era as we read the Minor Prophets. It’s true, isn’t it? Most of us American Christians would say that our own nation is in trouble – in trouble with God. Sin is not only accepted, but it seems to be increasingly celebrated. In losing much of or “vertical orientation” that we are created by God and accountable to God, our culture has assumed our independence, not only as a group, but individually. Now, every person has the right to determine truth and morality for himself, and God is basically irrelevant.

Is that okay with God? Many of the people in Micah’s day assumed that God would just look the other way, that nothing would happen, that God would never judge them. But, He did! Will He do it again? Will God bring judgement on the people of our day? And if so, is there any hope?

Join Pastor Larry McCall as we look at the book of Micah and clearly see God’s judgement, as well as a promise of grace and restoration.