One Book: Nahum

Nahum: Finding God’s Comfort in Surprising Places

Do you have a “safe” place you like to withdraw to when you’re feeling sad or scared or stressed? Maybe a room at your home? Maybe a special place outdoors? Or maybe your safe place isn’t really a place at all. Maybe it’s a person – your spouse, your parents, a close friend. Those of us who are believers know that God is our Heavenly Father. We can find comfort in Him. But, why is that? What is there about God that we find comforting when we’re sad or scared or stressed? His love? His strength? Yes and yes.

But, sometimes we find comfort in God in surprising places – in attributes of God that we don’t normally think of as the reason for comfort. Like, his “justice.” He will take care of all those injustices committed against us during our journey through this “era between the gardens.” And, that reality brings a sense of comfort. Join Pastor Larry McCall in the rarely read book of Nahum as we find God’s comfort in surprising places.